We provide tailored assessment services that integrate with our recruitment process and job specific competencies to ensure that we find the best available candidate for your position.

Personality & Skills Assessment

Personality and skills testing adds a very important dimension to the candidate selection process.

It provides a more complete picture of the candidate, identifying characteristics that are difficult to pick up in the interview and reference checking processes.

To that end, it’s an objective, time and cost efficient tool that enhances the selection process and provides vital information for future training and career development.

Specifically, our personality and skills assessment process will:

  • provide highly accurate indicators/predictors of what a person can and will do – their emotional maturity, business drive, task approach, interpersonal style and managerial capability;
  • match their ability to the position; and
  • provide you with effective, realistic, managerial guidelines, individually tailored to the successful candidate.

In addition to paper-based tests, we also provide online testing to speed the process and reach candidates in remote locations with real-time reporting turnaround.

Post Recruitment Audit

  1. Our Post Recruitment Audit answers your fundamental question – does the candidate meet my expectations and vice versa?
  2. It provides quantitative data on the candidate’s satisfaction level and retention risk, thereby validating the effectiveness of your selection and recruitment processes.
  3. It also provides you with benchmarking data and management Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) that directly link to your productivity and profitability.

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